Water Transformations

Healing the Waters Within and the Waters of the Earth

Water Transformations


It is the mission of Water Transformations to heal all life by healing the water in all life.  I am delighted and fascinated by water. It teaches us about the intelligence of life and how to master ourselves as physical and spiritual beings. By instructing us in the power of intention, water teaches that we can be fully empowered creators of our lives. Since water is the common denominator of all living things, it mirrors our oneness. As we embrace and integrate this oneness, we feel fulfilled in our lives and easily extend our gifts to the world. It is my heartfelt wish to share this teaching with all those who may benefit.   

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Dedicated to the radiant elevation of humans and the planet

We took birth in a human body because the Earth is a garden.  Everywhere you look on Earth, something is growing.  Nature is abundant and beautiful.  Notice how dandelions grow through seams in the concrete.  Life has an impulse, and is resilient.  We came to Earth to immerse ourselves in life.  We came to be gardeners of our souls.  Most of us will attest to the rough waters one navigates in the process of growing a soul.  When opportunities for growth sprout up, sometimes they include suffering.  Pain is the signal that gets our attention.  The message that pain carries is to look more deeply.  Whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual turmoil, pain indicates there are factors we are not conscious of.
The common denominator between all living things is water.  Water is the essential component for life on Earth.  On average, the human body is made up of 70% water.  We can create a transformative and lasting effect on health by working with the element most prevalent within the body.  
There are new fields of study showing water holds consciousness, memory and energy.  Since water is crystalline in structure, it functions as a spiritually conductive “memory chip”, that stores and shares information about everything it has ever encountered.  Experiences and memories create a frequency in the water within our bodies  This frequency circulates throughout the body and into every cell.  Cellular memories include our joys and our pains.  Unpleasant memories can get stuck in the body.  When the water in the body receives a loving vibration and a new set of instructions, the body will restore itself to a balanced and harmonious frequency; one more akin to the day we were born.  All water introduced into the body afterwards will absorb the new program, continuing in the direction of optimal health.  As we dissolve conscious and unconscious limitations, we open to a deeper awareness of our true divine nature.  We develop compassion and empathy for ourselves and others.  This is the tending of the garden that grows our soul. 
As the water within us is tuned to the higher frequency of love, the crystalline structure of our water emanates that vibration outward into the world.  We can use this awareness to offer our loving frequency to bless and heal the waters of the world.  
This is the work of Water Transformations.  
Personal growth and healing that empowers planetary healing.
You are invited to explore healing sessions and classes that empower your water, your health and your life!

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