Water Transformations

Healing the Waters Within and the Waters of the Earth

Water Transformations

About Jane

Jane Reading
Jane is a spiritual and shamanic healer, teacher and water alchemist who has been in private practice for 20 years.  Her focus has been to ease human suffering and illumine the path of greater personal fulfillment and health.  The foundation of Jane’s work is the principle that all healing is spiritual healing.  Imbalances in health may show up as physical, mental or emotional, and yet true healing happens from understanding the spiritual underpinnings of any situation.
Jane has been exploring the essence of water since 1993.  Her first forays into understanding water came from an environmental perspective, and then moved to an exploration of using energy healing to uplift pollution from bodies of water.  This became a study in to the power of intention.  
Jane became aware that since humans are on average, made up of 70% water, intentions and healings could occur with energy healing applications into the water in the human body.
Jane is a graduate of the Midwest Academy for Healing Arts, in Brownstown, Michigan, and studied under Rev. Dr. Janet Nagy.   The system of healing learned at the Midwest Academy is called Integra®.  Rev. Dr. Nagy was an instructor at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and was granted permission to teach Barbara Brennan healing techniques.  Jane has also received certification in Integrated Energy Therapy®, a healing modality using angels to clear dense energies from the body.  This certification includes IET® for Pets.  Jane has a unique connection with animals and an interest in helping our pets clear the energies they take on from their owners.
Jane has taught numerous workshops in the U.S. in personal and planetary healing.  Jane’s classes focus on bringing a foundational understanding that water is the medium through which creation happens.  Participants in Jane’s workshops explore how their thoughts and emotions contribute to health and receive empowering ideas and techniques for mastering intention, and creating a conscious relationship with water. 
Jane also taught Flower of Life Workshops in the U.S. for 10 years, prior to creating her water alchemy workshops.  The Flower of Life organization offered instruction for a meditation practice that utilized teachings of physical and spiritual alchemy as understood through the lens of sacred geometry.
Jane has a BA in Organizational Communication from Western Michigan University, and a Certificate of Completion from The Midwest Academy for Healing Arts.

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