Water Transformations

Healing the Waters Within and the Waters of the Earth

Water Transformations

BodyWater Healing

Jane focuses on discovering the root cause of the concern and offers healing energies to harmonize and balance the body, mind emotions and spirit.  This allows the divine intelligence of each client to emerge and set a new course.

Sometimes physical or emotional symptoms are caused by something deeper, something that is not conscious.  When we seek relief from physical pain, such as an injury, a childhood trauma, or feelings of emotional imbalance, there may be deeper layers involved.  When we seek assistance, it is usually because we feel a deep desire for improvement or change.

Energy healing considers the whole person, not symptoms or separate parts.  It works from the principle that the human body and energy system have an original blueprint of perfection. 

When the energy within and around the body is restored, healing happens more quickly on all levels.  When we become aware of our greater wholeness and strength, we discover a more vibrant and inspiring way to live our lives.




Through angelic guidance and extensive research, Jane has developed a unique understanding of the role of water in health, healing and our personal soul evolution.  In addition to working with the energy system, Jane communicates with the consciousness of the water within the body.  The water receives healing energy, which then circulates throughout every cell of the body.

The water within ourselves is a key conduit into deeper consciousness.  It acts as a powerful spiritual computer.  Because water is crystalline in structure, it functions as a spiritually conductive “memory chip” that stores and shares information about everything it has ever encountered.  When water passes through the human body, it not only takes on the imprint of every emotion, thought, word and deed that the body has experienced, it takes on the resonance of those thoughts and emotions.  This establishes a frequency with the water.

During Jane’s sessions, the water is offered a new set of programs or instructions and a loving vibration.  The intention is for the water to restore itself, and therefore all aspects of the person to their original blueprint of perfection.  Water that comes into the body afterwards will take on the new program.  A new resonance is established within the water and the whole person, which is of a radiant vibration of health.

BodyWater Healing Session
$75 for one hour
$100 for 1.5 hours
$150 for 2 hours

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