Water Transformations

Healing the Waters Within and the Waters of the Earth

Personal Empowerment

Just as we turn a radio dial to find the stations whose frequencies are coming in clearest, we are in a time when what you are tuning to is of primary importance.


You can encounter information on the problems with our world and “environment” and feel that they are so big they are beyond our control.  They may be out of our “control” but they are not out of our reach to contribute to solutions.  The idea of contribution can replace the delusion of control.  Focusing on control can squash motivation. 


If you have ever found yourself thinking “somebody should do something about that”, it’s a message from your heart that You are the somebody.  Caring is the first opening to having a deeper understanding of the nature of nature.  The things of nature you see in your everyday interactions were created by love in motion.  Love, as light flows from SOURCE.  As light densifies, it unfolds with instructions from a blueprint.  This architecture, which is infused with love because it is love, unpacks into the myriad life forms we see in our environment.  We are fortunate to be able to use many of those life forms as food.  Each “thing” you see, and even things you cannot, have consciousness.  It may be a different consciousness than human beings, however, it is imbued with consciousness.  Everything comes from the same Source.  You could see humans as all coming from one stream of light and that light moves through a prism.  Once that light refracts through the prism we become a multitude of rays, a spectrum of colors.  If we see the rays as separate, we can play in the fields of personal identity, and if we see ourselves as the stream of light, we understand that anything I “do” to you, I actually “do” to myself.  This is the shift in our thinking that we are making on the Earth at this time.  What we “do” to the Earth, like allowing inorganic chemicals to pour into waterways, we “do” to ourselves.  At some point we are going to want to drink that water, or shower in it, or bathe our baby. 


Once you begin to perceive the world in these terms, it empowers a sense that any contribution to the health of the planet is significant.  The Earth becomes a living thing that you can open to having a relationship with.  Think for a moment about a relationship in your life that is very harmonious.  What makes it so?  Caring and appreciation are meaningful components in that harmony.  The same dynamics are involved with our relationship with the living beings of Earth, whether that be plants, animals, oil or water.  Have you ever said thank you to the Spirit within the food that you eat?  We are taught to bless or say GRACE over our food.  We thank the Creator for the sustenance to keep us alive.  We can deepen that gratitude to offer thanks to the Spirit within that living thing, say for instance a carrot, for co-creating our lives with us.  We can say thank you to oil as we fill up our vehicles.  Think of it this way, if you say thank you to the person who prepared your food, they are happy to receive your gratitude.  They mirror back to you that your gratitude was meaningful, and they may wish to make another meal for you.  They are happy to cooperate with you in your nourishment.  If we extend that appreciation to the consciousness of Earth and the consciousness contained within living things, we see it mirrored back to us.  This is part of the tuning process.  It is important to notice when the Earth mirrors back to us both harmony and dis-harmony.  There are many examples of efforts to clean up waterways or remove dams that have resulted in the water being measured as healthier.  Those measurements can be water quality or the variety and number of fish and other living things.  The “environment” responds to our efforts to restore balance by mirroring balance.


In December 2008 a water blessing meditation was offered to the Citarum River in Indonesia.  The Citarum had the dubious distinction of being Number 1 on the list of the world’s most polluted rivers.  Included in the prayers, was the sentiment that love be showered upon all the people living along the Citarum River, and the blessing that those people would awaken to their oneness with all life.  The hope was that if they felt at one with the river, their consciousness would change and they would be inspired to clean up the river, which was so covered in trash it was almost unidentifiable as a river.  Many years passed.  The Citarum continued to keep its Number 1 status.  In January 2018 two young brothers, Kelly and Gary Bencheghib made two plastic bottle kayaks and surveyed the trash situation in the river.  The video they made went viral and caught the attention of the Minister of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia.  He was so moved he declared an Emergency Plan to clean up the river.  https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1419927311395815

The brothers are still involved in actions and education related to making the environment healthier.  You can connect with their efforts at Make A Change World on Facebook and website: https://makeachange.world/

This illustrates the power in caring and in prayer.  The Bencheghib brothers had an awakening.  They looked around at their environment.  They decided that something needed to be done.  They engaged their hearts, opened to caring and took actions that have changed the health of the Citarum River and the government of Indonesia.  https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2019/06/12/world-bank-to-provide-rp-1-4-trillion-for-citarum-river-clean-up.html

When prayers were offered in 2008 for the Citarum River, there was no way to know HOW the river would return to a healthier state.  Ten years after prayers were offered, including that the people awaken to their oneness with all life, two young men awakened to their oneness with their river. 


Tuning to those who are participating in solutions takes on new meaning.  If these brothers can clean up the world’s most polluted river, we can see that caring can set change in motion.  The happy side effect of tuning into positive examples is the blossoming of hope, inspiration and the truth of personal empowerment.  If everyone did the “something” that speaks to their heart, the world would benefit from hearing what their heart has to say.  As actions from the heart take form, the planet mirrors to us that she is glad to cooperate in bringing the healthy balance she knows as her most fundamental nature.  What expression does your heart have to share with the world?



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