Water Transformations

Healing the Waters Within and the Waters of the Earth

Upcoming Meditations

June 2 (in the US)
July 2
July 31
Aug 29
Sept 28
Oct 27
Nov 26
Dec 25
The New Moon Water Blessing Meditations fall on the day of the New Moon.
(based on U.S. time for the west coast.)
Each month a body of water experiencing stress or difficulty is chosen to receive our loving prayers.
There are several ways you can participate with people all over the world for these meditations.  
Check this page to see if the meditation for the current month will be held as a public event or broadcast live on Zoom.  If the meditation is a live event or Zoom broadcast, it will be noted in the monthly newsletter.
You can also gather a group together where you are and meditate for the chosen body of water together, or offer prayers at any time you think of blessing the body of water.
Our loving prayers matter, and I welcome you to your empowerment to love all water pure!