Water Transformations

Healing the Waters Within and the Waters of the Earth

Water Transformations

Planetary Healing

Our current understanding of quantum physics indicates that everything we think of as the material, solid world is actually energy.  It has been understood for years that an observer of an experiment can affect the outcome of the experiment.   What we expect to see, can create an expected outcome. 
Our awareness that everything at it’s core is energy, helps us imagine that we are swimming in an ocean of energy at all times.  The underlying principle of energy medicine, is that humans are also energy at their core.  The premise of energy medicine is that the root causes of imbalance are addressed by working with the energy system of the body.
This understanding can also be applied to restoring imbalances within the Earth’s systems.  By using energy healing awareness and applications, situations on Earth can be worked with at an energy level.  The primary factor in offering healing energies to the Earth is the use of intention.
Jane has spent more than 25 years exploring the use of energy healing to cleanse, release and transform pollution from the waters of the planet.  
During a worldwide online meditation in 2001, Jane engaged in a conversation with Mother Earth.  Jane was told that Mother Earth knew that she would be fully restored.  When she inquired how she could communicate that to others, Jane was given the phrase “Full Planetary Restoration”.  Since then Jane has been exploring the meaning and realization of that intention.

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