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BrainWater Recharge

BrainWater Recharge
The human brain is made up of 85% water.  Jane incorporates a hands-on healing process, which offers healing frequencies to the brain and the water in and around the brain.  
Clients are engaged in a conversation on intention setting before the session.  Water is like a chalkboard, you can write upon it anything you wish. You can erase what you do not wish to remain in the cellular memory.  This is especially effective in the treatment of brain water, because thoughts and feelings can get stuck and over time can crystallize energetically in the body.  Imagine that fears, traumas, and repetitive thinking patterns become like frozen ice crystals within the water.  This is an energy metaphor however, BrainWater Recharge sessions can assist in dissolving and clearing these from the body.  This process is deeply relaxing and restorative.
Is there something you would like to see melt away and be released easily and gently?  If you could place programs in the water in the brain what would they be?  Would you like greater mental clarity, serenity, insight on life direction, or joy?  These and any others you can imagine can be placed into the water as a program.  Since higher frequencies always overtake lower frequencies, these programs will continue to circulate within the brain and throughout the body, even as new water enters the body.
Brain Water Recharge Sessions 
$30 for 20 minutes