Water Transformations

Healing the Waters Within and the Waters of the Earth

Janes Journey into Water

Jane’s Journey into Water

The idea of offering healing energies to unhealthy situations on the planet dropped into my consciousness in a meditation in 1993. Prior to this new perspective, I had been working on behalf of the health of the planet for many years, in very physical ways.

I was a part of a small group who instituted a recycling operation at the University of Michigan. My title was Operations Foreman, any my involvement was with collection, measurement of materials collected, fleet management, and expansion of recycling into all buildings, events, and the famous football stadium.

Because this job involved significant multi-tasking I took up a dedicated meditation practice to help me unwind. In the early 90’s I was working with the teachings of Barbara Marx Hubbard, who had produced a guided meditation recording that I liked. Barbara was masterful in encouraging people to find their passions in life. She spoke of using meditation to find our “purpose”. She recommended that if we wanted to be shown our purpose, we should stay in meditation with that intention until the insight arrived. Clarity of life purpose inspires passionate action.

One afternoon in 1993 I decided to try her idea. I went into a meditation with the intention that I would get my soul’s purpose. About one half hour into my meditation, a movie opened in my inner vision. I saw a group of people standing around a lake and holding hands. The small lake was completely encircled. I watched as a grey mass rose up out of the lake. My perspective shifted from being an observer to a participant, and I became one of the people holding hands.

The grey mass continued to rise out of the water, and I “realized” it was heavy and that we were lifting it out of the lake. The grey cloud moved higher and higher into the sky. When it rose to about 30 yards over our heads, a shaft of light came down from the heavens and made contact with the mass. As the light hit the grey cloud it exploded into a million sparkles of light. I heard the words “all pollution is just dis-harmonic energy and can be transmuted with light”.

I was so amazed at the vision I ended the meditation and wrote down the details. That evening I wrote a letter to Barbara and told her what I experienced. At the end of the letter I wrote that in the future scientists would be able to measure and document that pollution was remediated with intention, energy and light. I had never had those thoughts before. They moved through me and onto the page.

Shortly after that vision, another meditation offered further direction for my life. In this vision I saw myself walk into a room and approach someone sitting in a wooden straight-backed chair. I walked up from behind and placed my hands on their shoulders. As I did so, another shaft of light came from the heavens. The light came into my body at the top of my head and moved through me, down my arms and out of my hands. The light moved into the person in the chair. I “knew” that I was offering this as a healing for the person. When the vision ended, I heard a voice speak. I was told that the decisions that I had made in my life had prepared me to do this if I wanted to. Again, I wrote down the vision.

A few days later I heard a radio interview with Barbara Brennan. This was my first introduction to Barbara and her work. She spoke of her healing school and how she perceives energy. I knew she was describing what I had seen in the vision. I purchased her book, Hands of Light within days of hearing the interview. It took me a long time to read the book. I contacted the Brennan school and got a list of graduates in my area. I began receiving healing sessions from Rev. Dr. Janet Nagy. She was a graduate and former instructor at the Brennan school. Shortly after meeting Jan Nagy she informed me that she was starting her own healing school and had permission to teach the protocols developed by Barbara Brennan. Ms. Nagy had an extensive background in Native American shamanic practices and brought that background to her school.

For three and a half years I honed the skills necessary to do healing work. In my studies I came across scientific research on energy healing. Early research involved measuring the hertz frequencies of those designated as “healers” and those designated as “clients” before, during and after healing sessions. It was demonstrated that healers emanated a consistent hertz frequency, and that the frequency of clients would go into resonance with the frequency of the healer. Experiments were also performed with healers offering healing energy to jars of water. Water was shown to hold the healing frequency longer than people and was used to water plants and watch growth patterns. Plants grew larger and more quickly when receiving the healer-charged water.

This information percolated in my mind and inspired me to try experimenting with offering healing energies to polluted bodies of water in the area I was living in Michigan. Growing up along the Detroit River in the 1960’s I was aware that the water near me was polluted. The auto industry and other manufacturing had used the waterways as a disposal option. Chemical waste poured into waterways.

I began traveling around Michigan, offering hands-on healing to bodies of water. I didn’t know if what I was doing could be scientifically measured, but proof was not a limitation for me. I wanted to do it and so I did. As I placed my hands in water and offered the gift of loving energy, I began to experience a different level of reality than I had previously perceived. I began receiving words and images that showed me water is conscious. I heard the Saginaw River tell me it was embarrassed by what had been done to it. The river told me that it felt like a shadow of its former self. I heard the Rifle River tell me that it liked its name. “To rifle” is to move with speed, and it liked moving fast. The day before I arrived at the shore of Lake Superior, I was given a dream. The consciousness of Lake Superior came to me and showed me it was a powerful being. Many ships have sunk in Lake Superior, so the truth of that awareness was felt in every cell of my body. Before placing my hands into the water of Lake Superior, I expressed deep thanks and humility for the communication.

As I have continued to place my hands in water and meditate with water, I continue to be humbled by the intelligence, power and beauty of water. I am endlessly fascinated by the life forms that live in water. I feel immense gratitude for being given an opportunity to delve into the consciousness of an aspect of the natural world that holds the key to life. I am in service to the consciousness of Mother Earth, water and life. I am in service to the full restoration of the planet.

On a physical level, I cleaned up the messes at the University of Michigan while managing the collection of recycling and garbage. On an energy level, I offer divine healing for the transmutation and transformation of the dis-harmonic energies perpetuated by humans so the planet can be restored to her natural balance and beauty.

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